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Debt and Derivatives Market Membership

Having membership of the debt market and derivatives markets provide a platform for members to offer their clients a number of different financial products to trade on Nutron.

Members will need to meet all requirements prior to membership being granted.  Compliance visits are conducted by the Surveillance Team from time to time to ensure that members are always compliant with the JSE's regulation and requirements.

 Become a Debt and Derivatives Market Member


Please read the following documents to find out more about the JSE's membership requirements:

High Level Requirements (Derivatives Market)
JSE Regulation


The fees you need to pay are outlined in the JSE Price Lists.

How to join

​​​​Are you ready to become a JSE Debt and Derivatives Market Member? Would you like to know more? 

Please contact the JSE’s Equity Market team at:​




JSE Equities DirectivesJSE Equities Directives
Interest Rate and Currency Derivatives RulesInterest Rate and Currency Derivatives Rules Rate and Currency Derivatives Rules.pdfpdf
Registered Securities Trader Application FormRegistered Securities Trader Application Form
Officer Transfer FormOfficer Transfer Form Transfer Form.pdfpdf

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