JSE Equity Market membership offers access to trading opportunities to quality African assets. Trading is enabled through world-class technology and a highly regulated environment.

Three different membership types:

  • T​rading service provider (TSP): A TSP is authorised to perform trading services on behalf of their clients or for their own account.
  • Custody service provider (CSP): A CSP is authorised to perform custody services on behalf of their clients or other members and their clients.
  • Investment service provider (ISP): A member may only apply to perform investment services if they have applied to perform trading services.

​A dedicated client relationship manager assists all existing and potential members with the membership process and attends to related queries.

Become a JSE equity member


Please read the following documents to find out more about the JSE's equity membership requirements:


The fees you need to pay are outlined in the  JSE Price Lists.

Access our market :

As a member, you can connect directly to the JSE or through a value-added network service provider, depending on the service you need. 

Direct market access (DMA):

JSE members can also offer direct market access (DMA),  which allows buy–side institutions such as investment managers, hedge funds and proprietary traders access to the JSE via a JSE member firm (brokerage firm).

London PoP:

The JSE also recently established the JSE London PoP, which operates out of Equinix LD4 in Slough. It provides connectivity from London to the new Equity Market trading and information systems test environment based in Johannesburg. An appointed managed service provider (MSP) manages it on behalf of the JSE.

For more information please contact: [email protected]


You can also use the JSE Colocation, facility in Johannesburg, which offers the lowest-latency connection to JSE markets. This facility allows you to host your infrastructure in the same vicinity as the infrastructure that drives the markets at the JSE. This enables low latency trading strategies through high-speed trading and market data access.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]