Published 26 Sep 2023
Posted by Tumim

Johannesburg, 26 September 2023 – Pace Car Rental has raised sizeable debt on the JSE Private Placements (JPP) platform to refinance the business at a more favourable rate, while also investing in further fleet assets.


JSE Private Placements – a subsidiary of JSE Limited – is an innovative way of raising private capital. To date, JPP has onboarded 36 deals raising over R6.1bn and investors who have over R18bn of capital to deploy.


“JPP is an alternative way for companies and infrastructure projects to raise capital or attract investment. With this platform, we’re building a future fit capital market that pairs up private debt and equity issuers with investors, including venture capital funders,” says Sam Mokorosi, Head: Origination and Deals at the JSE.


Pace Car Rental is a pioneering car rental business that offers cost effective transport solutions across South Africa – through its ownership of its custom value chain, from maintenance, warranty issuing, tracking and monitoring. “Pace helps people get that first access to the transport they need to get that sales job, start that new business, create other jobs, earn a living, transport their kids to a better school, educate their families, and get the show on the road. So many success stories start at Pace,” says the company’s Managing Director, Grenville Salmon.


“We are proud to work with an organisation like JPP – and by extension, the JSE – to expand our capabilities and find the perfect investment partners,” he continued.


JPP’s services are offered in association with Globacap, a UK-based capital markets technology company in which the JSE owns a minority stake. Globacap has standardised the securities landscape, enabling frictionless asset creation and transferability. Over $10 billion of private share and debt instruments are digitally managed on their platform for over 80 companies and 4,300 investors.


“We’ll continue to support companies like Pace – robust organisations that regardless of size, are agile and are paving the way for their respective sectors,” continues Mokorosi.





The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is a leading global exchange that co-creates, unlocks value and makes real connections happen. With JSE Private Placements (JPP), the JSE is building a Future-Fit stock exchange that delivers a digital marketplace for unlisted companies to showcase their businesses and attract funders seamlessly.  The JSE does this through JPP, which brings together next generation fintech capabilities through Globacap’s platform to facilitate efficient and transformational private placements.






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