Published 29 Sep 2023
Posted by khashanem

Crystal Park’s ACUDEO College team named “ACCP-Red Bull Amaphiko Academy” arose as the August monthly winners of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Investment Challenge under the ETF/ETN Portfolio of the high school competition.

The team including Kaylee Nyatoti, Tlotlo Malomane, Lefa Monare, and Reitumetse Mahlaba, demonstrated their investment ability by achieving an impressive growth of 3.37%. While gaining hands-on experience through participating in the real time investing simulation, the team was able to achieve results that allowed them to increase their financial literacy and prepare them to understand real investments in the future. 

As an aspiring actuary, it was important for 14-year-old Kaylee Nyatoti to learn about the world of investments to create a strong financial foundation for her future. It is beneficial to increase one’s knowledge on investing so that going into university and the working world, you are equipped with the right tools to succeed in investing. “It would be a great opportunity for anyone to learn as it gives you a broader knowledge of the future in terms of investing and saving money” says Kaylee.

Providing learners with the opportunity to study the world of investment through a simulation like the investment challenge is crucial as it provides a safe and educational environment for them to learn about financial responsibility and investment strategies. Simulations allow students to experiment with real-world financial scenarios without the risk of losing actual money, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts like risk management, diversification, strategising and the power of compound interest.

Experiencing growth within a real-life investing platform empowers young learners to make informed financial decisions, become financially literate early in life, and set them on the path to building a secure financial future. By mastering these skills in a controlled setting, learners are better prepared to navigate the complexities of the financial world and achieve their long-term financial goals when they enter adulthood.

13-year-old Lefa Monare, who would like to study a physics course in university, expresses how the beginning of the challenge was fairly difficult, but became progressively easier as time passed and as she continued to practice investing. “It's something that I think is very important especially while you are at this age where you can take this information forward with you as one develops into an adult, knowing how to handle money and benefit in the long-term”.

Tlotlo Malomane, a 14-year-old learner, saw the investment challenge as a new concept and chose to have fun in the learning experience. “Before l purchased any shares, I would go on the internet and research their performance and background to make sure that I purchase shares that are efficient”. The ability to take calculated risks before making any investments is crucial. Tlotlo would like to study law, having the financial background and being able to demonstrate critical thinking will be highly beneficial.

With the current state of financial literacy in South Africa today, it is increasingly important to empower the youth with knowledge as financial literacy isa vital life skill. 

The 2023 JSE Investment Challenge Awards ceremony will be broadcast live on the Challenge’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel on Friday, 06 October at 18:00. Tune in to find out who will take the number one spot.

Winners for August include:

Income Portfolio for schools: MP to Win from Mpumelelo Secondary School in Mpumalanga

Equity Portfolio for schools: EAK Stocks from Kearsney College in Kwazulu Natal

Spectacular Portfolio for schools: The Wolves of Dorp Street from Paul Roos Gimnasium in the Western Cape

ETF/ETN Portfolio for universities: ACCP-Red Bull Amaphiko Academy from ACUDEO College Crystal Park in Gauteng

Speculator Portfolio for universities: VK 29 MMS from University of Johannesburg in Gauteng

ETF/ETN Portfolio for universities: Queen of Mechanics from University of Cape Town in the Western Cape




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