16.04.2019 09:36
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Managing our corporate footprint

Creating sustainable value through efficiency, integration, growth and innovation

JSE Ltd aims to be positioned for resilience in a changing world, delivering value while fostering constructive stakeholder relationships and leaving a positive footprint on the environment and society within which it operates. The organisational strategy aims to achieve this positioning. In support of that strategy, focused efforts are underway to ensure an integrated perspective on sustainability. Within the four focus areas of these efforts, a number of themes are discussed in more detail below:

  • Operations & technology
    • Governance
    • Environment
  • People
  • Products & Services
  • Stakeholder Relationships
    • Community, Education and CSI


Leading by example

The JSE recognises that a lack of clear and proper governance structures, policies, systems and disclosure approaches to consider material impacts, risks and opportunities could impact reputation, efficiency and organisational integrity. As a result we strive for excellence in applying a strong governance framework throughout our operations.


Treading lightly on planet Earth

Even though the JSE is not a high impact company, its activities impact on the environment, mostly through consumption of natural resources. Lack of policy and strategy with regard to sustainable sourcing and efficient consumption will not only impact the environment negatively, but also impacts efficient management of cost and potential savings, reputation and business continuity. The environment report that the company publishes covers 100% of its employees, production and turnover.

Our People

Ensuring sustainable competencies

The JSE impacts on the lifestyle and quality of life of staff in various ways through employment conditions, remuneration and incentives, wellness approach, training & skills development, etc.

Given the specialised environment of the company, the need to retain skills, attract talent and ensure knowledge transfer is also critical to ensure the JSE’s continuity, efficiency and ability to grow and innovate.

With regard to all HR policies and procedures (including disciplinary and grievance policies), all employees are first made aware of these in their letter of appointment, then during orientation, thereafter they can find the documents on the JSE intranet and on the e-HR system.  From time to time special presentations are conducted.

We strive to at least meet the Financial Sector Code target of 70% in relation BEE procurement from all suppliers.

Community, Education and CSI

Leaving a lasting footprint

In recognition of the fact that as a corporate, we exist within a society, and that the well-being of society is an important aspect for any corporate to consider,the JSE acknowledges the dire need to contribute to the resolution of social challenges, and aim to apply our resources to finding the solutions that show promise of making a meaningful impact. Here we also aim to leverage our strength as a connector and where possible work with those that we connect to support those initiatives that can bring about meaningful change. We do this by partnering with entities in our value chain or circle of influence to scale up charitable work, or expose worthy causes to our networks.

Our contribution is also through activities related to our business and value chain, such as financial literacy and SME development) as well as through activities that contribute to the general betterment of society such as youth development and education, environmental protection, animal welfare and the like.

  • Corporate Social Investment
  • Education
  • Community Involvement