In a world where Environmental, Social and Governance factors play an increasingly integral role in investment decision making, we continue to progress our work to promote greater corporate transparency and issuer-investor interaction in the interests of sustainable business and investment practices. 

In partnership with FTSE Russell (FTSE), part of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), who have recently bolstered their SI data through the Refinitiv acquisition, we access to a broad range of ESG data and approaches. This coupled with the vast experience of FTSE Russell as an index calculator, we have the opportunity to meet clients’ varied ESG needs and build custom indices based on their own preferences including Best-in-Class; Thematic; ‘Smart Sustainability’, Climate tilts, Carbon exclusions. This in-depth data can be used by Investors to track performance and make more informed investment decisions.

FTSE/JSE Sustainable Investment Data Platform

This analytic tool will allow you to:

  • Analyse ESG and Green Revenue investment data with investment scoring and screening 
  • Analyse research and portfolio trends and ESG portfolio monitoring 
  • Construct Indices for Best-in-Class; Thematic; ‘Smart Sustainability’, Climate tilts

The tool allows you to filter company details by pillar, theme level and by indicator level. You will also be able to access annual company balance sheets with Green Revenues. 

The FTSE ESG ratings are built on detailed indicator assessments, which are structured to allow investors to understand a company’s ESG practices in multiple dimensions and therefore enhance the issuer-investor interface. Two indices form part of the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index, one benchmark and one tradable index.

FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index

This index is a broad market benchmark that considers only companies meeting a minimum ESG rating hurdle of 2.5. This index can be used as a benchmark for portfolios that have an ESG-based mandate and it can also be used for research and analysis. 

The eligible universe for this index comprises constituents of the FTSE/JSE Shareholder Weighted All Share Index, which are also companies that have securities included in the FTSE All World Index.

FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 Index

The FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 Index provides the market with an ESG based tradeable index that financial products can be based on, and will be suitable for passive financial products. This index, therefore, provides the investor with a focused exposure on companies with higher ESG ratings. The FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 Index comprises the top 30 rated companies included in the FTSE/JSE responsible Investment Index ranked by FTSE ESG Ratings, and then equally weighted.

The benefits of the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investments Indices are as follows:   

  • Offer investors more opportunity to integrate ESG considerations into their investments. 
  • Transparent and consistent methodology that measures risk across a variety of ESG areas 
  • Criteria is based on information that is publically available and does not accept data privately provided by companies improves credibility and enhances transparency  
  • Allow clients the ability to extract data at multiple levels in order to access and apply it in a variety of ways.