The JSE is continuously exploring ways of improving the overall experience of our clients. In the interest of providing Market Data Clients with an enhanced client experience, the JSE Market Data team has embarked on a digital transformational journey to digitize a number of Market Data  business processes. This will culminate in the introduction of a new online solution that will allow Market Data clients to engage with the JSE Market Data team, in a more self-service manner via client portal for all JSE market data needs, covering data product subscriptions, licensing and reporting, and extending to electronic agreements and digital signing of new and changed data agreements

The online solution, branded as the JSE Market Data Connect, will be an Internet and cloud based solution that will provide access on a 24/7 basis. It will be provided, hosted and maintained by DataBP, an industry leading provider of market data administration solutions, and customised to meet the needs of the JSE market data clients and market data team.

The solution will be implemented in three phases but only phases 1 and 2 will directly involve and add value to clients

  • Phase 1 will provide market data clients, that have an obligation to report data use and/or tracking numbers, with a new way of reporting. This phase will replace the Market Data Portal currently used for reporting and is planned to be implemented at the end of March 2021.
  • Phase 2 will provide all market data clients with the full range of new self-service functionality. The phase 2 timings will be communicated as soon as they have been determined.  


Market data clients are strongly encouraged to be familiar with the scope of this project and to make use of all the education and training opportunities to ensure a seamless and best transition experience. Questions can be directed to [email protected] or via the relevant Market Data Account Manager.