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‚ÄčIn a world where Environmental, Social and Governance factors play an increasing integral role in investment decision making, we continue to progress our work to promote greater corporate transparency and issuer-investor interaction in the interests of sustainable business and investment practices.

The impending FSCA directive regarding integrating ESG investments into investment portfolios is due to come into effect soon and our solutions can help you navigate this new ESG terrain.

FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 Index

The FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 Index provides the market with an ESG based tradeable index that financial products can be based on, and will be suitable for passive financial products. This index therefore provides the investor with a focused exposure on companies with higher ESG ratings. The FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Top 30 Index comprises the top 30 rated companies included in the FTSE/JSE responsible Investment Index ranked by FTSE ESG Ratings, and then equally weighted.

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