The JSE Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index promotes sustainable and transparent business practices

The SRI index series has evolved considerably since it was launched in May 2004. The advent of sustainability initiatives internationally and the King code locally, also saw the index created to foster good corporate citizenship and promote sustainable development.

Listed companies in the FTSE/JSE All Share index are reviewed annually. The measurement is conducted against a holistic set of Environmental, social and governance (ESG) and related sustainability concerns and a fourth area of climate change.

Inclusion in the Index is determined through an aggregation methodology in relation to the indicators based on analysis of the public information companies produce.

SRI Index annual review

The index constituency is reviewed against the criteria on an annual basis

The review process has traditionally commenced in May, with data collection and engagement completed by September. The JSE and EIRIS perform final quality checks and engagements during October. The Advisory Committee meets in mid-November to approve the process, and the results are usually announced by the end of November.

The data collection process currently follows a two phased approach. Firstly, EIRIS conducts an initial review of all publicly available information e.g. company websites, annual reports etc. From this a company-specific profile is compiled, assessing the company against the Criteria using public information.

The second phase provides the company an opportunity to review the profile and comment to submit additional public information which may not yet be published.

Criteria for inclusion in the SRI Index

The Criteria are determined by the JSE in consultation with the Advisory Committee​​​, a panel of sustainability practitioners from across a range of industry which includes investment managers, listed companies, sustainability experts and academics.

SRI Index timeline

2004 – launch of index, 51 out of 74 companies included

2005 – 49 of 58 companies in Index, 5 top performers recognized for the first time

2006 – 58 constituents, - best performers

2007 – 57 constituents, 14 best performers, EIRIS becomes primary data provider

2008 – 61 constituents and 24 best performers, GEPF endorsement of Index, live calculation of Index commences

2009 – 67 constituents and 30 best performers), Swix variety of index introduced, JSE signs up to UNPRI    

2010 – 74 constituents and 23 best performers), climate change criteria introduced, USB appointed as local partner of EIRIS

2011 - 74 constituents and 22 best performers, climate change report published to coincide with COP17

2012 - 76 constituents and 10 best performers

2013 - 72 constituents and 6 best performers: entire FTSE/JSE All Share assessed automatically for the first time.





SRI Index constituents




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