The JSE recognises that the SME sector is critical in growing our national economy. However, support solutions aren’t easily accessible and don’t necessarily enable growth. As part of our commitment to actively contribute to the national agenda by addressing unemployment, economic growth and skill enhancement in South Africa. 

The JSE has a series of initiatives that will aid in rapidly growing and scaling the SME sector in South Africa learn more about these below.  

JSE Enterprise Development Programme 

In 2016 we launched an Enterprise Development programme targeted at assisting our Black Stockbroker Member firms to help develop their businesses.  All JSE Stockbroking firms who met the definition of a black stockbroking firm as the amended Financial Sector Code (i.e. at least 51% black ownership and annual turnover less than R100m) are offered the opportunity to enter into an Enterprise Development agreement with the JSE. Qualifying participants receive 33% of the equity trading fees as well as 33% of their API connectivity fees back in cash, on a quarterly in arrears basis.  

Like all JSE Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes all participants are expected to use the funds for the purposes of developing their businesses. This could be employing more resources or the acquisition of technological tools that will enable the firms to enhance their service offering and ultimately their business activity/ growth.

JSE Incubator Association (TBC)

This association aims to be a convenor of skills and expertise who can assist SMEs in bridging the gaps needed to attract new business and funding.  

JSE Enterprise Acceleration Programme

As part of the JSE’s vision in growing shared prosperity, the JSE is excited to bring to the market a solution that will fast-track the growth of SA’s Private Companies.  We will be providing a platform with an ecosystem of advisors, educational enablers and networks that ultimately will enable SME’s to attract the right level of funding.

SME Speed Coaching 

This series brings together a broad and diverse range of coaches who will provide insights into various topics including how to distinguish your business for financial success, how to effectively manage a growing business and how best to market your company.  

JSE Private Placements 

JSE private placements aims to create a new marketplace for issuers and investors that streamlines the capital raising process by providing digital access to investment opportunities using next generation fintech.

JSE Alternative Exchange (AltX) 

AltX, the alternative exchange, is a division of the JSE Limited. It is a parallel market focused on good quality, small and medium sized high growth companies. AltX provides smaller companies a springboard onto the JSE Main Board with a clear growth path and access to capital. 


Which of these products meets your needs?







JSE Enterprise Development Programme 


at least 51% black ownership and annual turnover less than R100m

33% of their API connectivity fees back in cash, on a quarterly in arrears basis



JSE Incubator Association 

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises 




JSE Enterprise Acceleration Programme

Medium and Large Enterprises 

Companies need to be founder-led, entrepreneurial South African businesses; in operation for at least 2 years; turnover of at least R20m;

One-on-one mentoring

Masterclasses & webinars 

KPIs set up and addressed throughout the programme 

Funding readiness 


Submit an application on our website

JSE Private Placements 

Private companies, looking to raise debt of R1 million and above or equity of R20 million and above

Venture Capital Firms

  • 10m turnover
  • NAV higher than R15m
  • In operation for 3 years 
  • FICA checks 

As a private company you no longer need to search for investors and pitch your company to investors who aren’t interested

You get to choose your own investors

It will save on time and money vs going to the public market

Fee structure on website 

Access the portal on our website and register to get started. 

JSE Alternative Exchange (AltX) 

For small and


companies needing a

catalyst for growth.

Subscribed Capital of R2m 

10% Shareholder spread

Designated advisor appointed

Directors Induction Programme 

Accredited Auditors appointed 

Access to capital raising

Public awareness 

Liquidity of shares

Inclusion in indices 

Available through JSE consultation 

Contact a designated advisor or the JSE to book a consultation  


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