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The JSE and Sustainability

The imperative to build a long term business model that takes cognisance of the impacts, risks and opportunities in relation to the environmental, social and economic contexts within which an organisation operates, is increasingly becoming part of the licence to operate for companies the world over. At its core a governance issue, sustainability requires particular focus given the planetary boundaries and the need to understand the impacts of any entity on society and the environment.

Investors also progressively recognise that they can no longer ignore these elements when performing fundamental analysis, and evidence is mounting that companies who integrate broader sustainability considerations into their value proposition, clearly position themselves for better performance in the longer term.

At the JSE, sustainability has various facets in that it requires the company to balance considerations of how it runs its own business, JSE Ltd, so as to ensure sustainable value creation for its own stakeholders, while also considering its external circle of control and ability to influence issuers, investors and the intermediaries which facilitate interaction between them.

sustainability ​

Regulator, influencer, advocate

Contributing to sustainable business practices in the marketplace

Exchanges are critical cogs in the capital markets systems that are conduits for the capital flows that fuel economic growth. As a pivotal player, many of the JSE’s activities to date have been focused outward at influencing corporate and investor behaviour in a positive manner, through:

  • high regulatory standards,
  • products such as the SRI Index and
  • thought leadership, advocacy and engagement

The JSE has long been a champion in this​​ regard,and is recognised and highly regarded as such locally and globally.

  • It was the first emerging market as well as the first stock exchange globally to introduce a sustainability index measuring companies on indicators related to environmental, social and governance, or ‘ESG’ practices.
  • It is a signatory to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (a global investor initiative which encourages consideration of environment, society and governance (ESG) in investment decisions), and a founding partner of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative​.
  • The JSE’s listing requirements around the King Code on Corporate Governance have been significantly influential and following King III it is the first stock exchange globally to incorporate the move towards integrated reporting, as a consequence of King Code on Corporate Governance into its listing rules, guided by the ‘apply or explain’ principle.
  • The JSE is also active in serving on a number of panels and committees related to responsible investment, sustainability and integrated reporting.

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The JSE Ltd journey

Towards a company that is built to last

The JSE has acknowledged in its organisational strategy the need to build a resilient organisation which is positioned for the future, and has been working internally to integrate sustainability considerations into its business operations and services.

At a high level, the aim is to position the JSE to deliver sustainable value over the long term, through employing our competencies in a sustainable manner to achieve sustainable commercial growth and contribute to a sustainable community – all within the context of sound governance and a sustainable environmental footprint.

The four main areas of focus are:

  • Operations and Technology
  • People
  • Products and Services
  • Stakeholder relationships

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