Learning to invest

Headline: Investing options for beginners and aspiring investors: Magnus Heystek (Brenthurst Wealth) & Simon Brown (JustOneLap)

Link: http://www.moneyweb.co.za/moneyweb-safm-market-update/investing-options-for-beginners-and-aspiring-inves

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Take Nike's advice - 'Just do it', says Magnus. Just get started.

HILTON TARRANT: We get a lot of questions from listeners on the Market Update, some very technical questions, some very specific questions, often a view on a share on a sector which the professionals are allowed to have ? I'm legally not allowed to have. 
   One common question that I do get is typically from a listener who has a specific amount of money to invest, with specific options in mind, and perhaps more importantly specific expectations in mind.

   Simon Brown of JustOneLap is with us in the studio, and Magnus Heystek of Brenthurst Wealth also with us. We'll get to the question. It's from Jason. He's a student down at UCT.
   But, Magnus, let's first start with this expectation thing. It's very, very important that, if you are looking to invest, you are looking to save money for whatever reason. You've obviously got to have a goal in mind ? and with that comes expectation. Sometimes expectations are out of touch with reality.

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