• ‚ÄčFirst time JSE Investment Challenge participants clench first place in the speculator portfolio category
  • First-time participants from a Johannesburg East school took home the coveted first-place position in the Speculator Portfolio category in the schools' division at the 2018 Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Investment Challenge.

  • The challenge draws in school learners and university students with an interest in investment and stock markets and is in its 46th year. Over the decades the initiative has come to be highly regarded as a platform that introduces the country's youth to investing and the stock market.
  • It takes the form of a simulator where each team of four learners or students from the same school or institution are given a virtual sum of R1-million. With this virtual amount the teams trade on the stock market and invest in actual JSE listed shares over a six-month period. What they learn in this time has great potential to positively impact the South African economy in the future as participants learn to make sound financial decisions.
  • The group of four girls, also known as team 'Bull Traders', from Assumption Convent School were under the mentorship of Business Studies and Life Orientation teacher Kyle Lauf.
  • The Speculator Portfolio category is a high-risk internet trading only portfolio. It is the third of three portfolios which include Income and Equity. Participants in this portfolio can invest in any listed shares, warrants or Exchange Traded Funds on the JSE. Some of the rules stipulate that no more than 10% of the portfolio may be held in any one share.

  • Lauf said the school had participated in previous challenges in the past, however they had fallen off until he began mentoring them again in 2016.
  • "It was a fun learning experience for the learners. They had very little knowledge about investing and shares. The Challenge opened their eyes and benefited them greatly," he said.
  • Both the school and Lauf were delighted with the win, to see learners that had so little knowledge at the start of the Challenge clench first place in this category was "unbelievable".

  • He said the learners opted to keep their winnings as investments.

  • Eighteen-year-old Daniella Da Silva, Bull Trader team member, is currently in Grade 12 at the school. She said it was a very challenging experience for first-timers but the experience was great and they got to learn a lot about stocks.

  • "We kept tabs on our position in the competition on a weekly basis. That wasn't our only strategy though, we engaged with each other about the Challenge every day and had a formal meeting weekly where we would discuss business related current affairs and how to use these in the Challenge if at all," she said. 

  • Da Silva said winning was a surprise.

  • "It was definitely encouraging being able to achieve something from something you knew very little about going in," she mused.

  • Lauf has already rounded up a new team of Grade 11s to participate in this year's Challenge which is currently underway.

  • For further information on the Challenge visit: http://schools.jse.co.za and http://university.jse.co.za. 
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