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  • Are you a company director, chief executive or company secretary? You can sign up for a comprehensive overview of the JSE's Listings Requirements or to brush up on the JSE's Listings Requirements.
  • Do you deal with the media on behalf of your organisation? The JSE offers you introductory media training as well as advanced media training, giving you an insi​ght into how the media works and practical experience in dealing with the media in situations that you may one day face in real life.
  • Are you an investor relations professional? Come to the JSE to learn what you need to know as you start out in your career as well as to master the art of investor relations.
An Introduction to the JSE Listing Requirements​

The course will comprise a broad look at the requirements including what can be listed on the JSE; Equities Market vs Interest Rate Market; the rules around appointment of sponsors, designated advisors, auditors, etc

A comprehensive overview of the JSE's Listing Requirements

Two half-days of training over a three-week period give you, as a director,CEO or company secretary, a thorough practical understanding of the JSE's Listing Requirements helping you to apply the Requirements in practice.

Amendments to the to the JSE Listings Requirements course

The training will comprise a four hour session covering all of the final 2014 amendments to the JSE Listings Requirements, following an extensive general review by the JSE of the Listings Requirements.

Brush up on the JSE's Listings Requirements

This course is for you if you already have a reasonable understanding of the JSE's Listings Requirements. It covers the Listings Requirements at a high level.

Learn the Investor Relations basics

In one full day, the course will give you a thorough introduction to investor relations. Five modules will prepare you to maximise every interaction with your company's investors and potential investors. Modules include the skills needed to be good at investor relations and how to combine a company's financial, strategic, commercial, technological and reputational objectives into a cohesive, easily-understood and appealing investment thesis.

Master Investor Relations

In three full days, you will learn how to align investor relations principles and objectives to global best practice to effectively communicate corporate strategy and your company's profile to the media and investment community.

 Learn to work with the media

Two half-days of media training, covering four modules, will give you a thorough introduction to dealing with the media on behalf of your company.

Take media engagement to the next level

Two half-days of media training, covering six modules, will enhance your ability to deal with the media on behalf of your company; first recapping the basics, then moving on to hone the skills that will see you through truly tough situations. ​​​​

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